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Ellie The Empress is a Florida model known for enforcing the lawEllie the Empress streams a live question and answer segment about working as a corrections officer. Ellie hosts a Q and A about the upsides and downsides of working as a corrections officer. Ellie the Empress isn’t all just about beauty and fashion she has brains too, making for a perfect combination. Ellie shares her experience of working in law enforcement. Ellie brings her education in criminal justice, in which she boasts a degree, to the table. Ellie describes the ins and outs of working in corrections, from the viewpoint as an officer. The Question and answer session brought up issues of imprisonment in our society that sparked an interesting discussion amongst her followers. Ellie the Empress clears up any doubts as to the role that corrections officers might have as well as clearly answering all questions from her followers. Ellie proceeds to discuss how she diffuses potential security and conflict issues in prison.

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As Ellie recounts her experiences in corrections and law enforcement, her followers get a better understanding of how our justice system works as well as the intricacies of how law is enforced. Live streaming on Twitch brings Ellie closer to her subscribers. Ellie’s community on Twitch transforms into an educational space where questions are encouraged to gain a deeper understanding of the issues. Ellie’s  educational background and work experience in criminal justice and corrections makes her well suited to answer questions on this topic. As Ellie engages with her followers, she also sparks discussions among them about this and related issues. A interesting discussion is sparked live on Twitch. Ellie’s content is always engaging. Her content is always fresh. Many of the issues discussed by Ellie the Empress in her live Twitch question and answer session, sparked further conversations. Ellie encourages dialogue amongst her followers in her live streams.

Even difficult issues are discussed. Ellie the Empress truly creates unique content for her followers and subscribers. Some of Ellie’s followers even enquired about how to go about getting a job in criminal justice. Ellie advised her followers about the kind of education they should pursue to get a job as a corrections officers. She also got into great detail about what the training was like to become a corrections officers. Ellie talked about how hard the training for a job in corrections is on her live Twitch stream. Ellie does not shy away from difficult topics as she engages with her followers during her live streams on Twitch. She likes to spark debate among her followers and that brings them all closer together. Ellie the Empress has created her own community.

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